Attic Insulation—Part 2

As a follow up to the last post, here are a few things to think about when insulating your attic: 

1. Don't cover everything up! If you have soffit vents (vents in the underside of the eaves of your house), don't cover those up. Those need to stay open and clear, so if you're adding insulation, you can buy cardboard or plastic "baffles" to make sure insulation doesn't cover those vents, which are necessary for your roof to ventilate properly. 

2. Know what the kraft paper/vapor barrier does and when to use it. In general, if you're adding insulation to your attic, you shouldn't use the insulation with a vapor barrier. You don't want to trap moisture in your attic between layers of insulation. 

3. If your house has spray-on insulation (foam) on the roof deck (up against the trusses/rafters), disregard this post! This post is intended for conventionally insulated homes, and insulation on the roof deck and framing relies on a completely different philosophy of building science. 

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