Leave the Leaves?

Mature trees add beauty to any neighborhood, but they also bring some added work to homeowners nearby. You might think that the leaves are harmless, but piles of leaves can potentially cause some roof damage. If nothing else, they can hold moisture next to the roof or back up water on the roof. Here's a tip: use a leaf blower to speed up your cleaning, on and off the roof!

First Hard Frost

You probably noticed the frost on the ground last night, and you might have even anticipated it by taking some steps to winterize your home. There are some obvious things to do in order to prepare for winter such as draining your sprinklers, hoses, and exterior faucets. But there are a few more, not-so-obvious things to do as well. Here are a few recommendations: 

  • Cover and insulate your whole-house fan to prevent warm air from leaking into the attic
  • Cover your evaporative cooler (a.k.a., "Swamp Cooler") 
  • Remove window AC units to reduce drafts and save energy
  • Have an HVAC technician service your heating system to keep it running in good condition
  • Call a chimney sweep to make sure your fireplace and chimney are in safe, working order 
  • Trim back trees and shrubs from the house and roof to avoid damage to your home when snow falls